Five Ways To Help Build Your School's Volunteer Program | software for school administrators

Anyone that works in or with school systems today already knows how important volunteers are to their schools success!  With all the budget cuts today, it would be almost impossible for schools to give a quality education without some outside help.

The key is how do you enroll plenty of excited volunteers and how do you use them effectively


  1. First of all, you have to “ask”.  Now, I know, during the first week at most any school, there is a form that goes home to the parents asking them to fill it out if they would be willing to volunteer at the school.  This is the most important first step, but then sometimes that paper never gets looked at again.  What if there was a better way to organize these volunteers?  How about we make it easy for parents to sign up?  In the computer age, it only makes sense to have parents sign up online and list all interests, places they are willing to go, times available, strong skills etc.  The key here is to make it easy!
  2. Next is the “Black Hole”.  Do you think some parents are reluctant to sign up to volunteer because they will be sucked into doing something they are not really interested in or times that doesn’t fit their schedule?  By using the online registration, this will help put volunteers at ease.  They simply list the times they are available, schools they are willing to work at and the type of volunteer work they are willing to do.  This takes all the guess work out of the equation.  Parents are then, not asked to do tasks that are outside of the scope of what they are willing to do.  They are only asked to do things that they are excited about working on.  This will boost the enthusiasm of volunteers tremendously!
  3. Communication.  Clear communication is key.  We simply must give ample notice that someone is needed and the volunteers will come.  Volunteers don’t like to always be asked at the last minute.  We also, must be very clear what the task is, place and time needed.
  4. Organization.  I can’t emphasize this enough!  A well run volunteer program simply must be organized!  You can have thousands of volunteers that are willing to work at schools, but if the program is not organized, they get discouraged and then it becomes hard to find volunteers when you need them.  The excitement also gets sucked out of them, through a disorganized program.
  5.  Automation.    If you automate the entire system with a cloud based solution that will track where volunteers want to help, track background checks, and notify parents of potential opportunities with ease.

Teachers and coaches simply enter a need from their smart phone or computer.  Then, only the parents that fit the criteria are notified.   No need to send out mass emails to everyone at the school, which usually get ignored, or send home notes with the students, that get lost in the book bag.   You can also keep track of the number hours that have been given, and by whom.  This is especially important if your school would like to recognize volunteers at your school.  The number of hours is also important to superintendents when they are evaluating the success of each school.