Keeping Your Cafeteria and Nursing Staff is What The Travel Tracker Does Best!

When large groups of students are out on field trips the cafeteria staff may be making more food than is needed on that particular day if they are not being notified that students are out for the day. You may also find that sometimes students get sent home or to the doctor’s office from a field trip because of an unknown allergy or other medical issue. This may be the result of a travel request process that leaves out important staff members such as the cafeteria and nursing staff. Without letting these members of your school district’s staff know how many or which students are gone on a field trip, you can create a higher liability for your school and also create costly waste.

For the cafeteria staff, not getting notified for a school field trip can mean a lot more than you may think. If the cafeteria staff is not aware that 100 out of 300 students are going to be gone for the day, they will continue to make enough food for the 300 students, therefore wasting money on those that won’t even be present for the meal. This takes money out of the school district’s budget for meal plans and creates more waste, not to mention making the cafeteria staff aggravated because they were left out of the loop.

When it comes to the nursing staff, not letting them know which students are going out on field trips could be a huge liability. Students going on trips can potentially have one or more allergies or other medical conditions that need to be planned for. Without proper knowledge, forethought, and equipment (EpiPen, etc.) field trip leaders might not be fully aware on how to handle a medical situation when it arises. Also, there are many students that have chronic diseases such as asthma that need immediate attention. If the nurses are not able to give out this information or plan for the students before they go out on their trip, the chances of not being able to react to a bad situation dramatically increases.

Understanding how important it is for both of these staff groups to be notified is the key to maintaining good communication and making sure that all of the correct parties are in the loop when planning your trips. The Travel Tracker field trip management software by the App-Garden automates this process so that you can correctly notify your school district’s staff and keep everyone “in the know” without burdening your teachers with this often forgotten step.