Taking Field Trip Planning From Days, To Minutes - A Customer Testimony | software for school administrators

Our Customers Love the Travel Tracker; Here’s what they’re saying!

Our customers love the Travel Tracker, for Randy and his team, time and planning are everything. They used to spend anywhere from a few days to a week on their field trip reports, including getting their forms to and from their central office. After giving their forms to central office, the process was hard to follow and forms were often misplaced before the approval process was completed. Transportation Director Randy Welch said “…central office would input the forms into an Excel spreadsheet, determine the budget code, and then input it all into the financial system. This process took several days to complete.”
With the Travel Tracker by the App-Garden, Randy can go from taking several days to get all of this done using a paper system, to cutting the time to less than an hour to process. Randy mentioned how his current paper process was not transparent and caused a great deal of uncertainty within trip planning. With the Travel Tracker application, Randy is able to look at it from home and his teachers can see the trip process from their smartphone or tablet. Teachers no longer have to worry about their trip requests being lost or forgotten. The overall transparency and accessibility of the Travel Tracker application has done a phenomenal job in making Randy and his team’s lives easier by allowing them to focus on what really matters, the overall experience for students.