Travel Tracker provides a safety aspect | software for school administrators

The Travel Tracker Provides a Safety Aspect Unlike A Paper Process

Imagine if you are the transportation director and get a warning that a tornado is coming into your district.  Do you have time to go to the office and find out where all of your activity buses are?  Probably not! This is exactly what happened in Lee County recently when a tornado warning was issued on a Saturday in their district.  Using the Travel Tracker on his mobile phone, the transportation director was able to quickly find out where all of their buses and  found that the wrestling team was at a school in the warning area.  The Travel Tracker captures emergency contact information for each trip and the team was contacted immediately to get the students to safety.


The Travel Tracker provides field trip software for hundreds of school district across the country and is the premier field trip solution for schools.  Make field trip  management easier with the Travel Tracker.