The App-Garden launches the App-Garden University to train substitute teachers | software for school administrators

Using a new online system to train substitute teachers, K-12 school districts can save many hours and thousands of dollars per year, and ensure that all substitutes complete the health and safety courses required by the district.

Developed by Cook Consulting, an expert in technology solutions for K-12 school administrators, the Virtual Substitute Teacher Training system lets each school district efficiently deliver a wide variety of training courses that are tailored to meet their specific requirements.

The system is available at no cost to school districts. The training courses are paid for by the substitute teachers themselves.

On-Demand Access for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers can access the Virtual Substitute Teacher Training courses and complete the requirements online at anytime. They do not need to wait until live courses are scheduled by the school district.

Courses are accessible via any internet browser via any device. No special software is required.

Consistency and Compliance

The Virtual Substitute Teacher Training helps ensure that training is consistent, and the system automatically tracks substitute teachers’ registration, attendance, and completion of required courses.

With lower costs, greater efficiency, and more convenience, the online system makes it possible for school districts to train their entire roster of substitute teachers, not just new ones. An average-sized K-12 school district can be responsible for training as many as 400 substitute teachers.

Using the Virtual Substitute Teacher Training system, administrators can better ensure that all substitutes are informed of new health and safety procedures, and they can reduce the district’s exposure to legal liability.

About App-Garden Solutions for K-12 School Administration and Cook Consulting

Virtual Substitute Teacher Training is offered through the App-Garden University, a library a training resources developed specifically for K-12 school administrators.

In addition to training videos, the app-garden suite  developed by Cook Consulting. includes solutions for more efficiently managing school trips, volunteers, and contracts.

With more than 22 years of experience serving hundreds of K-12 school districts, the company understands the specific needs of school administrators. Its solutions are easy to use, and they are supported by experienced experts.