Is it a guessing game for your cafeteria staff knowing when students are away for field trips? | software for school administrators

Keep Staff In the Know When on Field Trips

Field trips can be fun and educational for students. The extra time and planning needed to provide these learning experiences is well worth the effort.

When planning field trips for your students, please don’t forget that your cafeteria staff will need to know well in advance. In order to serve your students to the best of their ability and to maintain the quality of their meals, the school cafeteria staff should be notified weeks in advance if a classroom will not be eating in the cafeteria for a day, an extended length of time, or if students will need sack lunches. Every day the cafeteria staff carefully plans the amount of food they need to prepare. Lack of communicating changes to staff means lost dollars from your school lunch program.

This is not a concern for schools districts using Travel Tracker software.  See what one Cafeteria Manager said:

“I am so excited about having Travel Tracker, it helps me plan/order for the date of the field trip. In the past it was a guessing game because sometimes I didn’t know about a field trip until the day before.”

-Tonia Queen | Davidson County | Child Nutrition Manager

The Travel Tracker is a cloud-based field trip management system that can help your district keep staff in the know when students are away for the lunch period.  Contact us for more information or schedule a live demonstration today!