How Technology Changed the Classroom | software for school administrators

With New Technology, Comes New Opportunities and Changes

With all the ways new technology has changed over the past decade, its benefits have become apparent as the way our brains process and learn information has changed drastically. While the developments in technology are not necessarily good or bad, they’re just a new reality that educators need to adjust to. For teacher’s it’s your job to keep your students engaged in the classroom, and with the outside world being consistently stimulating, that can be difficult to do.

So, in what ways can educators and administrators keep their students mentally stimulated throughout the school day after the advancement in technology?


3 Ways Technology Benefits the Classroom


  1. While it may seem like students get antsy throughout the day, it’s not because they’re bored, it’s because they’ve been sitting in a chair for too long. Technology makes kids crave interaction, therefore if you notice your students getting “antsy,” give them a 15 minute break to refocus where they can get up and walk around.
  2. With all the different applications that kids use today from social media to games, there is an overwhelming desire to be creative. This is one of the ways in which technology has really excelled the classroom environment. It’s important to teach students how to express their opinions through writing. It used to be that students would write one style to impress one teacher, but now, they’re putting more effort into their opinions because of the large platform technology has provided.
  3. Having technology at your fingertips can actually allow for faster learning. While there isn’t necessarily value in every app on a student’s phone, computer, or tablet, it does allow for them to find answers and solutions faster. This also applies to teachers in that they can look up new lesson plans faster. When you work in the field of education, you can cope with change three ways – battle it, avoid it, or embrace it. While technology can negatively affect a classroom, it’s up to the teacher to make sure that doesn’t happen which is why embracing the change is the best solution to avoiding distraction.