Managing Volunteers is an Administrative Challenge | software for school administrators

Volunteer Tracking can be a cumbersome process, unless you have the Volunteer Tracker!

For some school districts, a volunteer tracking process that is not fully automated can mean spending extra time and money that your district may not have. Systems using only paper or spreadsheets can place a large burden on your staff. They can also occupy a large part of a workweek. The time commitment to these processes is a substantial burden that can be reduced.

With a paper or spreadsheet process, there is a lot that goes into getting your volunteer into your schools. These “request to volunteer” forms are very time consuming for volunteers to complete. It can also mean re-keying this information into a spreadsheet or into a background check website. On the other hand, a spreadsheet can be very hard to maintain and difficult to ensure that everyone has the most recent version.

Volunteers have an amazing potential to contribute to your school district. But without a great volunteer management program, the value of volunteers can be diminished and become too costly for the district. Volunteers may become discouraged or not spend as much time in a school district if they are not being communicated with regularly. Automating your volunteer process can provide great tools for doing both!

The Volunteer Tracker is an automated solution that reduces the burden and stress revolving around the volunteer tracking process. Our well-designed solution provides a single online form to capture all the information required from volunteers. They can specify their interests, skills, and availability. The automated system would eliminate the need for school administrators to enter it manually. Additionally, since the information could also be updated by the volunteer, it would be remain more accurate.

The Volunteer Tracker will also allow administrators and volunteer coordinators to create opportunities where volunteers are needed. Communicating with your volunteers based on their interest areas can greatly increase the participation rate of your volunteers.

Set up a product demonstration for the Volunteer Tracker today, and see how our automated process can alleviate the administrative burden of managing volunteers!