Using Volunteers to Supplement School Resources: How to Manage Effective School District Volunteer Programs | software for school administrators

Effective Volunteer Management is necessary to supplement your school resources!

Many school districts have drawn on the expertise and enthusiasm of volunteers within their community.  Across the United States, parents and other volunteers are providing 2.5 billion hours per year tutoring, coaching, fund-raising, and performing other activities to support schools.

Along with the benefits of volunteers, however, school administrators take on a number of critical responsibilities.

An effective volunteer program doesn’t run itself.  For example, it requires that school administrators collect information on the skills and schedules of potential volunteers.  These skills need to be matched with the needs of teachers and coaches.  Administrators need to run background checks, compile reports on volunteer activity, and comply with applicable laws and policies, among other tasks.
A poorly managed volunteer program not only squanders valuable resources, but it reflects negatively on the school administration, over-burdens teachers and staff, and risks liability for the school.

Automated volunteer management solutions can make it easier for school administrators to run effective programs.  Solutions that automatically capture information from potential volunteers, match skills to the needs of teachers, manage background checks, and generate reports can relieve much of the administrative burden and ensure a more successful volunteer program. The  Volunteer Tracker, a completely cloud-based  system created by the App-Garden, makes it easy to manage your volunteer program.  Contact us or request a demonstration!