Control the Cost of Field Trips | software for school administrators

School districts have an opportunity to control the cost of field trips. Though certain costs such as admissions fees and transportation may be fixed, schools can significantly reduce the hidden costs.  If you stop and think about all the phone calls back and forth, emails for approvals, checking status of approvals, wasted lunches, invoicing by cost clerks and the time to schedule the bus, it really adds up!   By automating the process of routing, tracking, reporting and invoicing; school districts can cut the amount of time spent by teachers and administrators.

School Districts can also significantly reduce the amount of paperwork, the number of phone calls, and the volume of email.  Automation can also ensure that all people who should be involved in the process are, in fact, included. For example, food service managers can be automatically notified of school trips and they can adjust their meal plans.  Transportation managers can know, well in advance, of the precise requirements for buses and drivers.

It may not seem like a lot of time or money at first, but our research shows that there are approximately $35.00 in hidden costs per trip.  Multiply $35.00 times the number of field and athletic trips your school makes per year and it can add up to a lot of savings!

Learn more by checking out this short video!  Learn more about how your district can control the cost of field trips through the Travel Tracker field trip software.